"Becoming You"

Alcohol-Free Women's Personal Growth Retreat

In Ubud, Bali

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Spend 7 Days Building an Empowered Vision in One of the Most Beautiful Spots in the World

TBD Spring 2022 (confirmed upon Bali's re-opening plans)

April 9-16, 2022


You could say, you've been working on yourself. 

This past year has offered you so much growth and introspection as you've become empowered to re-negotiate your relationship with alcohol. 

You know intuitively that alcohol was holding you back from who you were meant to become . . .

But now what? 

The "Becoming You" Personal Growth Retreat in Bali is for women who are ready to start showing up unapologetically in all areas of their lives.

Through daily mindset and introspective sessions (in addition to incredible cultural and spiritual experiences) you'll:  

Build a vision that thrills you and scares you  

Discover your inherent worth to go after your biggest dreams  

Uncover your biggest mental blocks that keep you stuck  

Learn techniques to shut up that inner critic  

Set goals and design a strategy that works for your energy and aligns with your vision

The "Becoming You" Retreat includes:

Personal Growth and Goal Setting

Daily sessions to: 

  • Uncover beliefs that keep you small and let them go
  • Reaffirm the embodiment of self-love through an alcohol-free lifestyle 
  • Techniques to quiet that voice that says, "who am I to..."
  • Create a vision that makes you feel unbridled excitement
  • Discover your inherent worth to go after your biggest dreams
  • Set goals and design a strategy that works for your energy and aligns with your vision

Luxury Stay

  • 7 Days and Nights in a 4-star resort with a private room and bathroom
  • 7x breakfasts 3x lunches and 2x dinners
  • (the remaining dinners are open for us to explore the local town!)
  • Resort with pool, jacuzzi, spa and wellness area

Spiritual and Meditative Experiences

  • Traditional Balinese water healing ceremony
  • Ancient sound healing at the Pyraminds of Chi
  • Traditional fire healing ceremony
  • Healing breathwork and meditation session
  • Immersive Kundalini yoga

Balinese Culture

  • Traditional Balinese welcome ceremony
  • Balinese homestyle cooking class
  • Lewak Kopi coffee tasting
  • Trips to Ubud to experience the local food scene (on own dime)

Relaxing Excursions

  • Visit to a gorgeous local beach to swim in the tropical water and relax 
  • Visit to Tegallang Rice Terraces and swing in the jungle
  • Visit to a local holy temple
  • Dinners and enough down time to explore Ubud and immerse yourself in Balinese culture.

New Amazing AF Friends

  • Like-minded connection with incredible alcohol-free women
  • Sisters who are done playing small and ready to step into their power and purpose
  • Bonding and connections that will last a lifetime

Your investment is $2100 

A $400 deposit is required to secure your spot

Your Host

"I have been dying to go on this retreat with you for years. In fact, it's been on my vision board and diary entries for at least four years, and here it is coming true!"

My name is Karolina Rzadkowolska and I stopped drinking alcohol over three years ago. It was probably the most beautiful and life-affirming decision I have ever made to honor myself, embody self-love, and uphold the vision of how I want to show up in this world. 

But the exciting work of becoming that woman was what came after. Through countless hours of introspection, coaching, personal growth experiences, and growing myself beyond my comfort zone, I am on a mission to create the biggest, boldest, most empowering expression of my life. I'm no longer scared of having big dreams and realize I don't have to settle for the status quo and mediocrity in any form of my life.

I've left my day job, became a coach, radically scaled a business I love, and have a published book on its way to bookstores (Euphoric will be on bookshelves Jan 2022)!!! I'm the hero of my story and so are you! 

I want to walk you through this experience and learn and grow with you. I'm a certified life and transformation coach, founder of Euphoric Alcohol-Free, and am obsessed with personal growth and travel. I've been dying to go on a retreat like this for years. Maybe you have too? 

I'm amazed at the magic that happens when you put soul-seeking bad*ss women who want more from life than a hangover together. 

Bali here we come! 


The retreat begins on Saturday afternoon and ends a week later on the following Saturday. Check-in time is from 2 pm on Saturday and our welcome dinner will start around 7 pm. Check-out is by 10 am on the following Saturday.  

You'll be responsible for booking your flights (my favorite search engine is skyscanner), and travel insurance is highly recommended. (Please get travel insurance). As we continue to monitor COVID and Bali's re-opening, you can hold off on plane tickets for now. Airport transfers will be organized on receipt of your flight arrival and departure. You'll also have your own private airport transfer.

Got a Question?

Do I have to be alcohol-free to attend? 

No, but this experience is meant for women who have been working to transform their relationship with alcohol and stop using it as a coping mechanism. It's important that you've been questioning, re-evaluating and working on a sober-curious journey and committed to working on your growth. 

This is a fully sensory, empowering, present and mindful experience and obviously, there won't be any drinking involved. 

This retreat also isn't a "how to change your drinking" course (find info on a course like that here) or any kind of dogmatic recovery framework, but rather a gorgeous exploration into what's next? It's all about growing and expanding beyond the limits of our identities and stepping into our full and powerful purposes. 

How do I sign up? 

Today, you'll submit a $400 nonrefundable deposit to secure your spot. (If the retreat is canceled due to COVID, the deposit will be refunded). The second payment of $700 will be due 4 months before the retreat and the third and final paymet will be due two months before. This is an intimate group and spots are very limited. 

What does the price include? 

The $2100 retreat includes 7 nights stay in a 4-star resort with your own private room; daily breakfasts, 3x lunches and 2x dinners. The dinners that aren't included are meant for us to go explore the local dining scene in town and I'm assured it's really inexpensive. The price also includes every single activity and excursion, including daily mindset sessions, kundalini yoga class, breathwork and meditation class, a sound healing experience at the Chi pyramids, a fire healing ceremony, Balinese welcome ceremony, Balinese cooking class, a beach day, visit to rice terraces and jungle swing, holy temple visit, and a water healing ceremony. 

What's not included? 

Airfare, travel insurance, a few inexpensive dinners/lunches that we'll enjoy together out on the town. 

What about Covid?

Thankfully Bali has had a very low incidence of COVID19, so our greater concern would be the mobility of traveling between countries. Our partners in Bali are open this summer and Bali's government estimates it will open by Fall 2021. Of course, anything can change.

Is it open to men?  

My euphoric coaching programs, courses, and community is all open to men, but sorry fellas, this retreat is for women (womxn) only.

Have any other questions? Email me at hi@euphoricaf.com 

Hell yes, save my spot please

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