May 14 - 21, 2023


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Join us on this magical 7-day retreat where you'll build an Empowered Vision in one of the Most Beautiful Spots in the world

Let me show you:

lose yourself to a greater purpose

this retreat is for you if ...

You're taking a break from alcohol

You're looking for a deeper purpose and calling in your life

Traveling to new places, experiencing new cultures, and stepping outside your comfort zone excites you

You could say, you've been working on yourself. 

This past year has offered you so much growth and introspection as you've become empowered to re-negotiate your relationship with alcohol. 

You know intuitively that alcohol was holding you back from who you were meant to become . . .

But now what? 

The Euphoric Alcohol-Free Women's Retreat is for women who are ready to own their new identity and find their deepest sense of purpose.

Through daily women's circles with Karolina

Find the deeper meaning on why you ditched alcohol and what it allows you to create next

Recognize the unique period of time you live in to go after any dream on your heart and how the universe supports you

Hear your deeper why. Gain clarity on what your purpose and next chapter in life holds for you

Learn techniques to let go of self-limiting beliefs and doubts

Set a new goal or vision for your life. Learn practical ways to share your gift with the world, baby step by baby step

Build a lifestyle based on growth and fulfillment--ultimately healing the reasons why you drank

The Euphoric AF Retreat includes:


Daily women's circle sessions with Karolina to: 

  • Find the deeper meaning on why you ditched alcohol and what it allows you to create next
  • Hear your deeper why. Gain clarity on what your purpose and next chapter in life holds for you
  • Learn to let go of self-limiting beliefs and doubts
  • Set a new goal or vision for your life. Learn practical ways to share your gift with the world, baby step by baby step
  • Build a nourishing foundation of rituals and routines that embody wellness, connection, and purpose
  • Build a lifestyle based on growth and fulfillment--ultimately healing the reasons why you drank


  • 7 Days and Nights in a 4-star resort with a private room and bathroom
  • 7x breakfasts, 7x lunches, and 2x dinners
  • The remaining dinners are open for us to explore the local town!
  • Resort with pool, spa and yoga area
  • Option to book inexpensive massages and wellness treatments!


  • Traditional Balinese water healing ceremony
  • Hot spring rock pools to sauna, cleanse, and bathe
  • Salt Therapy wellness treatment to detox and boost immunity
  • Healing breathwork and sound healing session to heal trauma
  • Yin yoga session with Karolina
  • Daily yoga classes


  • Traditional Balinese welcome ceremony and blessing
  • Balinese homestyle cooking class with a local family
  • Traditional Balinese tea tasting
  • Traditional Balinese dance show
  • Trips to Ubud to experience the local food scene (on own dime)


  • Visit to a gorgeous local beach to swim in the tropical water and relax 
  • Visit to Tegallang Rice Terraces and swing in the jungle
  • Visit to a local holy temple
  • Dinners and enough downtime to explore Ubud and immerse yourself in Balinese culture. Explore the nearby Monkey Forest, or add optional waterfall excursions.


  • Like-minded connection with incredible alcohol-free women
  • Friends who understand you and are rooting for your bigger dreams
  • Sisters who are done playing small and ready to step into their power and purpose
  • Bonding and connections that will last a lifetime

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An $800 deposit is required to secure your spot

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Your Host

Karolina Rzadkowolska

My name is Karolina Rzadkowolska and I’m an alcohol-free empowerment expert and bestselling author who specializes in helping highly intuitive women change their relationship with alcohol for good, value their worth, and discover their greater purpose.

My book, Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol and Gain a Happier, More Confident You helps regular drinkers let go of limiting stories around alcohol and step into their truer purpose.

I’ve spent the last four years pioneering work in alcohol-free empowerment. I’ve been featured in 40+ articles on media platforms like Real Simple, the Huffington Post, Elite Daily, The Sunday Post, Katie Couric, and PopSugar, and have been on multiple TV shows.

Okay, now that the formal stuff is out of the way, let me be real with you. Since I ditched alcohol almost 5 years ago, I've been on a wild ride to achieve some of my biggest dreams. I've faced massive doubts, self-limiting beliefs, fear, and resistance to move forward with my dreams.

Ditching alcohol was one huge leap into my personal development.

Going after the dreams on my heart was the next and whole new world.

Through countless hours of introspection, coaching, personal growth experiences, and growing myself beyond my comfort zone, I am on a mission to create the biggest, boldest, most empowering expression of my life.

I'm no longer scared of having big dreams and realize I don't have to settle for the status quo and mediocrity in any form of my life. I'm the hero of my story and so are you! 

I've achieved my biggest dreams since I've gone alcohol-free and I'm here to show you how to do the same.

I’m here to walk you through not only an identity change, but one that will unleash your greatest fulfillment and happiness into the world. A journey where you dare to live bigger, dream bigger, and show the people around you what’s possible.


The retreat begins on Sunday afternoon and ends a week later on the following Sunday. Check-in time is from 2 pm on Sunday and our welcome dinner will start around 7 pm. Check-out is by 11 am on the following Sunday.  

You'll be responsible for booking your flights (my favorite search engine is Skyscanner). The airport to fly into is called Ngurah Rai International Airport in the city of Denpasar, Bali, code DPS.

Once we get your flight information, a VIP Visa will be arranged on your behalf so you can breeze through immigration with your own private escort. Once you pick up your luggage and go through customs, your private escort will hand you off to your private driver to transport you to the resort in Ubud.

Travel insurance is highly encouraged to cover any unforeseen cancellations, lost luggage, or medical emergencies.

You also must be vaccinated to enter Bali per Bali immigration rules.

Payment information: once you submit your $800 deposit to secure your spot, you will owe two payments of $1200. The second payment will be due in January, 2023, and the final payment in March.

let's cover a few FAQ's

Do I have to be alcohol-free to attend? 

This experience is meant for women who have been working to transform their relationship with alcohol and stop using it as a coping mechanism. It's important that you've been questioning, re-evaluating and working on a sober-curious journey and committed to working on your growth. 

This is a fully sensory, empowering, present, and mindful experience, and, obviously, there won't be any drinking involved. All participants will be required to sign a statement indicating so. As this resort may host other groups and has a bar available, no drinking from our group will be tolerated.

This retreat also isn't a "how to change your drinking" program (find info on our signature program here) or any kind of dogmatic recovery framework, but rather a gorgeous exploration into what's next? It's all about growing and expanding beyond the limits of our identities and stepping into our full and powerful purposes. 

How do I sign up? 

Today, you'll submit an $800 nonrefundable deposit to secure your spot. The final payment of $2400 will be due March 20, or ten days after submitting your deposit. This is an intimate group and spots are very limited. 

What if I have to cancel?

Because we partner with retreat companies and centers that have strict refund policies of their own, we have the following refund policy. The initial deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances, please plan accordingly! The second payment may be refundable up to 90 days before the retreat, after which they are not refundable. You can read the full refund policy here.

What does the price include? 

The retreat includes 7 nights stay in a 4-star resort with your own private room, daily breakfasts, 7x lunches, and 2x dinners. The dinners that aren't included are meant for us to go explore the local dining scene in town, and it's rather inexpensive. You may also find yourself tired at the end of the day and would prefer to order room service in! The price also includes every single activity and excursion, including daily mindset sessions, breathwork and meditation class, Rock Pools sauna and hot springs, salt therapy wellness treatment, Balinese welcome ceremony, Balinese cooking class, a beach day, visit to rice terraces and jungle swing, holy temple visit, and a water healing ceremony. 

What's not included? 

Airfare, travel insurance, and a few inexpensive dinners that we'll enjoy together out on the town. 

What about COVID?

Bali is open to tourism and has scrapped its mandatory quarantine and testing. Travelers must be vaccinated to enter Bali.

Is traveling to Bali safe?

Bali is very safe as it's one of the top tourist destinations in the world. We partner with a team on the ground in Bali to arrange everything for us. Travel insurance is always recommended as there could always be unforeseen circumstances when traveling.

Is it open to men?  

Euphoric programs and community are all open to men, but sorry fellas, this retreat is for women (womxn) only.

Have any other questions? Email me and my team at 

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Hear what past participants had to say:

Thank you so much for an awesome experience!

It was so well choreographed from airport pick up to drop off, it was one of the easiest, most relaxing retreats I've been on! I looked forward to our meetings every morning as your coaching and questions provided a lot to ponder during the day. It truly was one of the best retreats I've ever been on. I felt rested, and stimulated. 

- Lisa

I just watched a highlight video from our October 2022 Bali retreat, and I have to say the overwhelming emotion and connection I felt seeing the faces of women who were previously strangers has to be the best part of the experience. We were a range of ages from all over the world and shared the most incredible culturally rich, fun and emotionally deep week. I was very comfortable with the level of personal work, sharing and ability to go off on my own if I wanted. Karolina is a gifted soul with the ability to lead you to uncover your own power.

- Pam

What a transformative experience! Leaving home and going on a cross-world adventure with ten strangers seemed a bit daunting but I wouldn’t have had it any other way, now looking back. The daily meetings were monumental in my self-growth and the connection with the other women is something I will cherish for my lifetime. Thank you to Karolina who was instrumental in the experience and played an essential role in my healing and growth journey.

- Allison

My experience on this retreat far exceeded my expectations! I was a little bit nervous to step out of my comfort zone and spend the week in the jungle with women I had never met before, but I'm SO glad I took that leap of faith! I met some amazing women, went on some super fun adventures, and dug deep to find my greater purpose in life. I really needed an experience like this to remind myself how beautiful life can be when you are living alcohol free. Thank you, Karolina!

- Kate

The experience was unforgettable. Karolina did an excellent job organizing our week’s itinerary while leaving enough room for personal downtime. It’s so unbelievably rare to meet individuals from different walks while feeling safeguarded in a Alcohol free collective. The waterfall hikes, shopping and dining at the local villages, snorkeling, whale watching, bonfires, yoga classes, observing and participating in indigenous ceremonies - all while being grounded in the essential - opening every morning with a woman’s circle which presented the day to be greeted with intention open-mindedness and purpose. Dialogue was gently guided as we learning about ourselves and each other. Highly recommend and will waste no time signing up for this opportunity the next time it comes around.

- Brigid

This experience with Karolina was extraordinary. Her leadership was without flaw. We experienced life together through many activities including snorkeling and hiking to a waterfall. Long lasting relationships were built. Soul searching was achieved.

- Grace

This was my first retreat so I did not know what to expect. I can say that the actual experience was far better than I had imagined. The setting was awesome, it was just the right mix of learning and self reflection along with educational, cultural and spiritual experiences. And then there were the other participants! The opportunity to spend time with other like minded women who are on similar journeys was phenomenal and I am sure we will be friends for years to come.

- Tracy

Thank you for the wonderful retreat, I truly enjoyed it.
The amount of activities was perfect, the food was delicious and the resort was wonderful.

- Anya

"Karolina’s hosted retreat in Bali was the experience of a lifetime. The eco-sensitive accommodations were beautiful and personalized. The group discussion circles and the day trips in the Ubud countryside were the perfect combination of intense work and cultural immersion. The retreat’s logistics facilitators on the ground ensured that every detail was taken care of easily and responsibly. The women on the trip were from all over the world--- yet each of us shared a common passion for self-discovery and self-growth. 

Karolina’s expertise and gentleness as a retreat leader allowed all of us to feel deeply moved and connected. She led with compassion and integrity. I was able to embrace my own sense of purpose for the next phase of my life, comfortably share my hopes and fears, and emerge on the final day with the insights to realize my dreams. I will absolutely never forget the generous gift I gave myself --- seven days of joy and grace in one of the most awe-inspiring locations on the planet. I am so grateful. Thank you, Karolina and Team."

- Laurie W

WOW!! With limited words in the english language I will tell you as best I can about my Bali retreat with Karolina! I was so excited to meet this powerful and gorgeous lady who wrote the book that completely changed my thought process re my use of alcohol! Going on retreat after doing the 4 month course with her and other beautiful women, who also knew that removing alcohol from their lives and THEN with Karolinas help, would ultimately lead to a SUPREME way of living that promises a freedom only known to those who ‘do the work’! The most important connection I made in Bali was with myself, Karolinas wisdom guided us tenderly, gently and purposfully to wake up and live the life we deserved! I would say with both hands on heart that any time spent with Karolina whether it be on retreat or one of her courses will be one of the greatest investments in yourself that you will EVER make! I adore Karolina and cherish what I have achieved thus far with much more to come! THANKYOU Karolina for the life that is unfolding for me with much love and service! 🙏

- Jane


When you sign up for the Euphoric Bali Retreat, you'll secure your private room and all activities for our May 2023 retreat.

Private room in the Euphoric Bali Retreat

May 14-21, 2023

  • 7 nights at the 4 star resort, Sankara, in Ubud, Bali in your own private room
  • 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 2 dinners
  • Daily women's circles with Karolina to discover your deeper purpose
  • All activities and excursions listed on this page: Balinese welcome ceremony, water healing ceremony, Teggalong rice terrace swing, Balinese tea tasting, Balinese cooking class with a local family, breathwork session, beach day, rock pools spa and hot springs, yin yoga session, and Balinese dance performance
  • VIP Visa upon arrival and private escort through immigration
  • Private transfers to and from the airport

$3200 TOTAL


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