Become Euphoric


Reprogram your subconscious to make alcohol insignificant and make space for your bigger dreams





Let me guess...

You hate how you feel after drinking and yet it's so hard to resist.

It takes up so much valuable real estate, always playing this game of should I, shouldn't I

Maybe you've taken a few breaks before, but it never lasts, and you end up right back where you started.

You want to change your relationship with alcohol.

You wish you just didn't desire it anymore.

You know you're meant for so much more than this merry go round.

I've been there.

I get it.

I used to think drinking was my ticket to having fun, feeling glamorous, and a treat I deserved after a long, hard day.

A bottle of wine on the weekend was the highlight of my week.

I didn't realize how unfulfilled and bored I was with my previous lifestyle.

I was STUCK in mediocrity.

But then, I rewired by subconscious mind and lost my desire to drink.

In the space left behind, I made room for my biggest dreams.

Are you...

  • confused at how you can be so good every where else, why is it so hard to say no to drinking? You give in way more than you'd like to and always regret it the next day
  • wanting to make alcohol a smaller part of your life, insignificant even, but surrounded by friends and family who drink? Alcohol is everywhere.
  • unmotivated for days after drinking, feeling like it's puts a pause on all your health and life goals?
  • taken a break before and… somehow end up right back where you started? You’re ready to be DONE with this cycle. You’re just not sure how to make it stick.
  • frustrated by your lack of progress with your health goals? You know you could CRUSH THEM without alcohol.
  • restless and itching for more? Does it feel like you’ve pressed pause on your life?
  • finding that alcohol plays a regular role in your life, but you'd never think of yourself as “alcoholic” and want nothing to do with that label?
  • already taking a break and want to reprogram your subconscious desires so you totally lose the desire to drink?
  • ready for an expanded, healthier, and more motivated version of yourself?

There's nothing wrong with you.

Alcohol affects our neurochemistry in these EXACT ways.

But you don’t have to settle for life on its dimmest setting.

You deserve joy, abundance, and fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams, and reprogramming your subconscious desires for alcohol is **the shift** that makes them available to you.

Something deep inside is telling you that alcohol does not serve you.

I want you to know

there is nothing wrong with you

The majority of drinkers drink way above the health guidelines and wish they drank less or not at all. Most don’t identify as alcoholics.

Let go of unhelpful labels like "alcoholic" and "problem drinker" (they're irrelevant), and focus on what matters:

Your heart, soul, and the powerful, intuitive voice that’s telling you you’re made for more than the merry-go-round of alcohol.


fullest potential

Because women who

stop drinking are POWERFUL.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful collaboration to change your relationship with alcohol and discover the dreams that are meant for you.

My name is Karolina and I’m an alcohol-free empowerment expert and bestselling author of Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol and Gain a Happier, More Confident You.

I’ve guided thousands of women all over the world to change their relationship with alcohol for good and discover their deeper purpose.

With a proprietary system that will help you overwrite your alcohol conditioning and create new rituals you love, you can completely lose the desire to drink and unearth much bigger dreams like my clients.

Things that were once pipe dreams, like launching a business, writing a book, getting a promotion, or moving to Europe, suddenly become reality all because of the deep transformative work you're going to do to change your relationship with alcohol... and ultimately with yourself.

I believe it is the most intuitive, brave, and wise women who decide to re-evaluate the role of alcohol in their life.

Your intuition is the voice of your




Waking up every day with enthusiasm and energy. Having the motivation to work out, eat well, and feel alive to your life, every single day.


Becoming happy and giddy, hearing messages from your inner guide, discovering your unique talents, and finding joy in your long-term contentment over a short-term buzz.


Realizing that you are so much bigger than worrying about what other people think and actually feeling LUCKY that you don't have to drink instead of feeling deprived or like you're missing out.


Having the confidence and drive to go after your dream life, do what really makes you happy, and make a difference in the world.

See what clients are saying:

"Before beginning Become Euphoric, I was choosing to abstain from alcohol but did not see my next steps clearly. I knew I wanted a richer, more fulfilling life, but needed a framework to find clarity on what that might look like.

After the Become Euphoric program, I have such contentment in my everyday life. I am working towards the next steps that are unfolding in front of me. I feel more focused, with a clearer big picture of this next phase of life. I am in a confident place in my sobriety and am choosing to forge my new identity in many areas of my life. I am taking real action steps out of my comfort zone to make my dreams my new reality."


"Before the program, I had been going back and forth with Alcohol and sober curiosity for over 6 years.

The Become Euphoric program has helped me create a sustainable and beautiful morning routine that sets the tone for my day. I have now achieved over 80 days alcohol free thanks to the support in the slack group and group coaching sessions! I had an A-ha moment while going through the modules about the neuroscience behind alcohol and addiction. It really took the shame and blame out of my decisions in the past and made me look at alcohol as exactly what it is - a drug. I've been able to meet my physical fitness goals and have gained so much more confidence in my everyday life. I'm super excited to see what the next chapter has to offer, and I've been setting myself up to create my dream life over the next few years"

— Lesley

"I found Become Euphoric during a time of soul searching and personal growth, a journey I found myself on following the passing of my step dad then sadly my mom, and the emotional turmoil and family disruption that followed. They were difficult days to say the least. I was drowning my grief and inability to cope very well with wine - hiding behind the booze which only exacerbated the personal issues I was facing.

Being a part of this lovely BE community has been life changing for me, I honestly don't think I would be in this fabulous place in my life if I was trying to make these big life changes on my own. My perspective has changed on so many angles of my life, alcohol no longer has a starring role and in fact, has been happily ditched and left in my past. I am living a happier, healthier AF lifestyle that I absolutely love! I no longer think about wine and very much live with the mindset of 'been there done that - and I'm over it!' BE has helped me to grow, be open, be curious, and have an abundance of awareness, confidence, and self love."

— Wendy

"Karolina's program & coaching fully changed my perspective on drinking and quitting. I loved her approach and have fully adopted the mindset that the goal is creating my most fulfilled life, and stopping alcohol was just the first step to unlocking that.

I exercise daily, sleep like a champ, and NEVER have a hangover! It's given me more time, made me a better mom/wife/friend/boss, made me sharper/smarter, and left me feeling like I just generally really had my life together. I didn't miss alcohol. I'm much more fulfilled and happier and feel like the sky is limit."

— Meghan

I have been alcohol free since January starting with your program and have followed you through all of them. What becoming AF has done for me is nothing short of incredible!

The growth I have had over the last year is something I never thought I would see. I am more positive in life and have followed through with things i normally wouldn't. Becoming AF has allowed me to dream again and know that I am worth WAY more than my 9-5."


Good morning everyone 
I received an email this morning congratulating me on completing Become Euphoric. I am very proud of myself for this accomplishment, for all of my personal development over the past year and for the path of success I am working hard at in my present and for my future  
I would not be as far along on this journey without Become Euphoric, the support of this community, the skills of Amy and the fabulous Karolina.
I feel so fortunate and full of gratitude for the platform and that it resonates so deeply for me. From my heart and soul, thank you so much Karolina.

I encourage all of you to step outside your comfort zone and actively participate in Slack, on the Zoom calls, and in your journal. Sharing helps personal healing and growth. Embrace this community  you are fortunate to be part of it. 
I don’t think I’m removed from Slack immediately but I wanted to ensure I don’t miss my opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks and to give all of you my love, support, and all the good energy vibes for your personal AF journey. I wish you all the best. You got this!"


"I’m a little over a month now with being AF and have had some good social opportunities come up that allowed me to practice saying no to alcohol and opting for an AF beverage. The daily practice in the program has definitely been helpful!"

— Dan

"I am on the cusp of beating my 120 days of AF achieved in 2020 and am confident that I will be able to go an entire year. The Become Euphoric program has helped in ways beyond imaginable. I have gained so much insight into why I drink, what alcohol is really doing, how to deal with the pressures of society, how to go after my dreams and so much more. Thanks!"


I just wanted to tell you how truly impressed I am by the class so far. I just did not expect it to be this good. The lessons, examples, and the way you are presenting is just KILLER! Thank you so much. I may actually be able to do this. You have GOLD here. "

- Kara

Trust your intuition.

Ready to get serious about changing your relationship with alcohol and expanding what's possible for your life?

Empowered alcohol-free women can and do change the world.

Green flags that you're ready for Become Euphoric:

You have a love/hate relationship with alcohol (it's been your identity after all) but secretly wish you could lose your desires to drink

You completed Dry Bootcamp or the 5 Day Restart and you want to keep going or need more support.

You want to feel free from the judgments, doubts, and fears that keep you drinking.

3, 10, or even 22 days alcohol-free isn't a problem for you. Then you start drinking again. You want to take a longer break, remove your subconscious desires, and feel happy you get to do it.

In a perfect world you see yourself as a confident, alcohol-free woman, but you feel stuck. You need help actualizing your alcohol-free lifestyle. You dream of breathing life into your nudge from the universe.

Traditional alcohol-free programs don't feel like the right fit. You want positivity-oriented, goal-gettin', and life-affirming, ass-kicking, empowered coaching.

Growth is your new focus. You're eager to let go of what once held you back.

You're ready for a heart, body, and soul transformation. You want this to last, and your intuition tells you can make it happen alongside other powerful, alcohol-free women.

You're looking for your tribe. You belong with other high-vibe, empowered alcohol-free women making big changes in their lives.

The old you who dismissed your dreams as "fanciful" or "too difficult?" You're not about that life anymore. 💅 You're stepping into a new self-assured and empowered AF identity.

Alcohol is no longer serving you. You're destined for a big life with big dreams. On the top of your list of #goals? Leave alcohol in the rearview mirror. 👏💃

BE was a life changer. I felt so heard and so supported. I no longer felt shameful and alone. Karolina and Amy were always there to offer a different perspective, or help reframe challenges. I love that BE focuses on what you GAIN when you set down the glass. The alcohol-free days increased more and more throughout the program- but it's more than just being alcohol free. It's about learning about yourself- your thoughts, feelings, values, and purpose. I have more energy, more confidence, more drive than I have had in a very long time. I elected to add one-on-one coaching and that was the icing on the cake. Tailored coaching for my personal needs and challenges. BE and individual coaching have changed my life for the better and I will forever be grateful.

— Micki

I have been sober curious for a while now and stepping into this programme gave me the strength and courage I needed to make informed decisions. The coaching, support channels, and group support have helped me write my narrative for alcohol and really opened my eyes to endless opportunities, growth, and development which will help me continue on this journey


Over the past few months, Karolina has completely shifted my mindset on how I view my relationship with alcohol. I truly believe that in order for me to thrive in both my career and personal life, I could not have alcohol in any capacity.

After each session, my mood was instantly lifted and I felt like I had all the potential in the world. Connecting with Karolina shows me that the struggles I faced in my past are only going to make me stronger and build up an extraordinary future, as she is an incredibly admirable and successful figure. Thank you, Karolina! I am sincerely grateful.

— Kate


Become Euphoric


Commit to building a sustainable alcohol-free lifestyle.

Dry January is great, but it doesn't last. You need an intimate community, empowering support, and a science and personal growth-based approach to change your relationship with alcohol.

Become Euphoric is my signature program in changing your core subconscious desires for alcohol.

I want you to feel the true freedom, ease, and self-belief that comes with

completely removing your desire for alcohol.

Become Euphoric Group Program is inspired by my pioneering work in alcohol-free empowerment. It's an introspective, holistic approach that puts your self-discovery and alignment first.

It marries a life-changing curriculum, empowering coaching and support, and an intimate community of soul-seekers sharing the experience with you.

Why Become Euphoric is Different From Other Methods You've Tried

  • Intimate ​community of like-minded women and accountability buddies
  • Empowering personal growth curriculum
  • ​ Science-based method to change your subconscious desires for alcohol
  • ​ Prompts to discover what you really want in life

What Become Euphoric Group Program Includes:


  • 4 Month Group Coaching Container
  • The Full Become Euphoric 8 module Course with 60 days of trainings and accompanying workbooks to change your subconscious desires to consume alcohol.
  • After, each week a new masterclass (8 masterclasses) will unlock on growing and upleveling in your alcohol-free lifestyle.
  • 12 Group Coaching and Q and A Calls (3 group calls each month)
  • Slack community to share wins, challenges, ask questions, answer fun prompts, and build community
  • Step-by-step process to debunk the myths you believe about alcohol's benefits and society's conditioning based on the M.I.N.D. method
  • The latest in brain science, positive psychology, and personal growth to give you the strategy, tools, and practices to change your core beliefs surrounding alcohol
  • Daily motivational emails to keep you accountable
  • Daily journal prompts to reframe your mindset and discover your truest inner desires with accompanying weekly workbooks
  • Lifetime Access to the course content and all updates
  • Take your newfound clarity and mental space and learn how to discover new passions, visualize your dream life, and go for it based on the DREAM framework
  • Access to the course app on your smartphone so it's convenient for your lifestyle

  • 60 Minute private coaching call with Euphoric coach, Amy
  • Masterclass with world-wide expert on alcohol's effects on your moods.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Alcohol-Free Drinks e-book with nonalcoholic drink suggestions
  • 50 Things to Do Instead of Drink Checklist
  • Foodie's Guide to Mocktails e-book with delicious step-by-step mocktail recipes
  • "How To Develop New Rituals" during your usual drink time and ideas to get you started
  • "How to Sleep like a Baby" guide and nutrition tips plus the latest scientific discoveries on alcohol and health effects
  • "Creating a Morning and Evening Routine You Love" training and guides
  • What If I Slip?" training and action plan
  • "Dealing with Bad Days" training and tips to handle challenges
  • "Be Confident in Public" training on how to become proud of your status as a nondrinker
  • Euphoric Tracking Calendar and Accountability Contract
  • $500 Off Coupon for 1-on-1 Coaching Package: you'll be automatically credited with a coupon for $500 off the purchase of any 1-on-1 coaching package. Get your money back if you apply it to coaching! Valid for 6 months after program purchase
  • Masterclass - Attracting Wealth Into Your Life ($500 value)

"I am just so grateful that the cravings for alcohol have totally gone and how strong the feeling is that I never want to go there again. I never thought I'd feel this way."

— Laura

"I am thrilled with my experience with Become Euphoric. Karolina helped me shed a light on the reasons why I drank, and had me look deeper into my goals, dreams and desires. It has inspired me to follow my dreams without alcohol sabotaging my creativity.

I am in awe of this life-changing program!"

— Kim

Here's what makes Become Euphoric different


The vast majority of drinkers overdrink. Hell, we were taught to drink since we were teenagers and alcohol is pushed on us all the time. It's no wonder.


There's definitely nothing wrong with you, but a little voice inside is saying you are made for more. That voice is your intuition and it has a little hint on how much better life can feel.


Racking up days is amazing, but the real point is to change how you view alcohol so you desire it less. This is a journey of self-discovery.


Euphoric attracts high-vibe, intuitive women who want more from life. You are bound to surround yourself with soul-seekers who inspire you and make new friends.


Learn to re-parent yourself by taking care of your emotional needs. Develop a morning routine, a gratitude practice, and a space for yourself to feel and breathe.


Get to know yourself and your emotions in a brand new way. Learn to shift limiting beliefs and uncover what you want most in life.

Enroll Now

"I haven't drank in a few weeks and I love that I have not been hungover once. I love that my face, skin and eyes look younger and more glowing. I don't know what's in store for me on the long term, but for now I'm enjoying a very healthy season. Thank you so much!"

— Erin

You're not just going to ditch alcohol.

You're going to learn to fundamentally change your views about it.

Get ready to release

  • Falling into the same pattern over and over again

And make room for

  • swapping emotional dependence on alcohol for healthy coping mechanisms, meaningful life experiences, and nightly rituals you look forward to

  • living life on autopilot with ZERO energy 😴
  • deep, restorative sleep. Start every day with the energy to chase your dreams.
  • drinking more than you want to
  • Being free from the pull of alcohol
  • making excuses to have "just one" and breaking promises to yourself to moderate the amount you drink
  • Feeling immense gratitude and being unable to believe this is your life thanks to being alcohol-free
  • Caving under the pressure to drink in social situations

  • Dancing your heart out at parties and weddings, feeling wonder and so much previously untapped joy on vacation, and being more alive to life AF
  • the low self-esteem and shame that comes with drinking more than you wanted, feeling out of control, and nursing hangovers
  • Feeling proud of yourself as you reach new levels of self-worth, self-love, and self-trust you've only dreamed of

"I have not had an alcoholic drink in 71 days! I feel comfortable talking with others about my choice not to drink alcohol and even feel ready to guide others if they want to stop drinking. I feel happy and hopeful and feel very thankful for this program. I have grown and learned. It was truly wonderful and I believe it will help many others going forward."

— Marjorie

"The Become Euphoric program was an absolutely fabulous way to take a break from alcohol, to see the influence that alcohol did actually have in my life — especially preventing me from being in the moment, to learn many new tools, and become more empowered. Most importantly, I re-learned to feel my feelings and grow my self love to embark on the next chapter of this gorgeous life alcohol-free.
I'm celebrating 1000 days alcohol-free today, I'm loving life so much and am so grateful. Thank you for helping me get started on this journey!!"

— Christine

What's Inside Become Euphoric Group

A 4-month coaching experience that will change your desires for alcohol and allow you to discover what you're really passionate about.


My signature course on holistically changing your relationship with alcohol and reprogramming your subconscious mind. From learning the truth about alcohol, to forgiving yourself and learning how to deal with your inner critic, each week stacks upon the previous to transform your beliefsand your life.


Three times a month, we'll have a group coaching session to go over the material, ask questions, and get coached with Euphoric Head Coach Amy. Join live or watch the replay afterward.


Giving yourself a gold star feels really good. Use the Euphoric Tracking Calendar to mark your progress and celebrate every single day you make progress.


You're not doing this alone or on Facebook. We'll all be together in a supportive Slack community to ask questions, share your wins, or get support through any challenges. The #gratitude challenge alone has changed so many lives!


Who doesn't have a complicated relationship with money also? Master the energetics of money by clearing up old stories, aligning yourself with powerful and simple attraction tools, and practicing wealth today.


The alcohol-free drink movement has exploded! Did you know that there are hundreds of hip, chic, and delicious alcohol-free drinks on the market? This e-book will give you the run-down on my favorite alcohol-free beers, AF wines, AF spirits, soft cocktails, and soft drinks.


Wondering what to do instead of drinking? This checklist has 50 things for you to try instead of resorting to the usual glass of vino. Learn new ways to relax at home or try new fun activities.


Deprivation sucks. That's why I'm obsessed with alcohol-free drinks and experimenting with new flavors to #treat myself. Use this recipe book to find your new mocktail favorites to make after a long day of work or for entertaining!


Introspection is key! You'll be diving deep into old beliefs, new visualizations, and enhanced rediscovery of your emotions and thoughts. Use the program workbook to dive deep.

TOTAL VALUE = $4,197

Your Price = $997

BONUS! A 1-on-1 Coaching Call with Euphoric in-house coach, Amy Guldner,

to use anytime throughout the program.

"Alcohol is no longer appealing to me, I know that it only brings me down. Karolina has helped me learn so many new tools to help me, as well as shared an abundance of knowlege and resources with all of us in the group. I am SO READY to keep going!

— Kristen


introspection and dismantling limiting beliefs

  • Why your drinking habit is normal
  • Normal... but hanging out in your comfort zone and how to push beyond it
  • How to deal with cravings and write a new story
  • How to listen to your inner guide and find what truly serves you 
  • How to remove your desires for alcohol using the M.I.N.D. method


there's nothing wrong with youletting go of shame

  • Why labels are problematic and unnecessary 
  • The reason why drinking less is scientifically hard
  • Why this isn't a personal failing but a result of mass societal conditioning
  • How to let go of shame, own your truth, accept your experiences, and forgive yourself


stepping into your best health

  • How to improve the quality of your sleep
  • The incredible health benefits of a break from alcohol (including lower risk for cancer and heart disease) and how to heal your body
  • How to feel great, nourish your body, and lose weight
  • Why it's fundamental to change your subconscious desires for alcohol and how to do that


navigating your social life

  • How to explain this to your friends and family
  • The mindset tool you need to appreciate each social occasion WITHOUT alcohol 
  • Socializing tips introverts need to have a great time at the party
  • How to create your own community and make memories to last a lifetime
  • Use the M.I.N.D. method to remove your desires for alcohol Part II


finding long-term happiness

  • How alcohol affects stress and anxiety and learn new tools to relax
  • How this break will reset your neurotransmitters and leave you feeling happier than you have in years
  • How to develop a morning and evening routine to make you succeed
  • Tools and methods to build up your resiliency and find happiness and comfort within
  • Facts about alcohol's effects on your appearance and how a break can make you look 5-10 years younger


getting mindful and embodying self-love

  • Techniques to deal with negative and critical thoughts
  • How to harness the power of gratitude 
  • Why not drinking is a radical act of self-love and boosts your self-esteem
  • The mindset shift you need to love being alcohol-free
  • How to institute meditation and more mindfulness into your day


creating and visualizing your dream life

  • Tips on how to use boredom and jealousy to your advantage
  • Push yourself to try new experiences and discover new passions
  • Become more productive at the stuff that really matters to you
  • How to use this space to feel inspiration, get creative and go after your dreams and make a difference in this world
  • Mindset shifts you need to have amazing vacations and other events 


expanding your potential

  • How to use autonomy to make the best choices for yourself
  • Harness the power of visualizations and affirmations to build the life of your dreams
  • Discover your spiritual side and how to feel exceptional joy
  • Find meaning and your purpose in life with the DREAM framework
  • Discover the ultimate freedom
  • Inspire others with your transformation

Once you finish the Become Euphoric Curriculum, each week a new masterclass will unlock on building a happy, meaningful, and confident alcohol-free lifestyle.

Masterclasses include:

  • Week 9: Other People's Reactions - Learn the 4 reactions you'll get from society when you change your drinking

  • Week 10: Worrying About What Other People Think + Badge of Courage - How to let go of worrying about what others think and building your courage muscle

  • Week 11: Thought Work - The Powerful Process to Change Anything - learn how to change negative and critical thoughts and believe anything is possible

  • Week 12: Playing Small vs. Playing Big - Why alcohol is just a subconscious response to fear and how to step up in your life and play big

  • Week 13: Harness Your Creative Energy - Discover what your intrinsic gifts are and share your expression and creativity with the world.

  • Week 14: Being a Rebel in a Society that Tells You to Drink - Being a non-drinker essentially means you are a rebel in our society. Learn how to activate the activist in you and be fiercely proud of standing up to the alcohol industry and changing drinking culture for the next generation.

  • Week 15: Build a Morning Routine that Grows You - I can credit most of my success to the intentionality, clarity, equanimity, and power my morning routine gives me. Develop a strong routine that enables you to go for the life you really want.

  • Week 16: Attracting Wealth Into Your Life - Who doesn't have a complicated relationship with money also? Master the energetics of money, by clearing up old stories, aligning yourself with powerful and simple attraction tools, and practicing wealth today.



💃 having the biggest belly laughs with your friends and realizing that the alcohol-free version of you is so much more fun, confident, and alive than you ever realized.

💃going to parties and social events and not even noticing the alcohol served there, feeling so confident in your skin.

💃 witnessing all of your emotions on the emotional spectrum come up with no judgement and finally processing and healing the things that have been ignored.

💃 igniting your entrepreneurial spirit and getting the clues and intuitive hits on what you really want to do with your one and only life.
💃 starting the book you've always known is inside you... leading to the about-to-burst joy you feel signing the title page of your book for a roomful of people.
💃 warm, heartfelt thank yous from women you’ve helped or guided to unearth more fulfillment, wonder, and love in their lives because of the massive transformation you unearthed yourselv

Give yourself permission to DREAM BIG.

Visualize a future:
where alcohol doesn't even exist for you. Where your momentum for your personal, health, and career/business goals goes through the roof. Where you ignite an unstoppable power to achieve the dreams on your heart.

Can you feel what it would be like if alcohol didn't interfere and your growth and healing were truly unstoppable?

My clients have unearthed long buried dreams, launched businesses, wrote books, grew podcasts, became leaders, started non-profits, rekindled their relationships, became the best parents they can be, and got fitter and healthier than ever.

My clients have done all these things and more!

  • Build your dream life by removing your desire for alcohol
  • Release limiting beliefs about "needing" alcohol
  • Live the life you've always wanted!

I am now 120 days alcohol free and I can honestly say it's down to Karolina. I had been searching for a way of cutting out alcohol for a while and it wasn't until I stumbled upon Euphoric that something finally clicked. My self-confidence is back, I got a promotion at work, I am sleeping better, I'm a better mum, I feel better inside and out. I finally feel like a proper responsible grown up. Thank you Karolina, I really am so grateful.

— Kara

Community. Immersion


With three calls each month, you'll have a safe space to get coaching, overcome your challenges, ask questions, and come together with your Head Euphoric Coach, Amy.

Calls will include trainings, Q&As, the opportunity to be personally coached, and a place to hold space for you.

  • 3 x group coaching and Q&A calls a month
  • 24/7 Coaching Portal and Community
  • Community Prompts

Calls are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at various times to accommodate different time zones. You can also vote for future call times to accommodate your schedule.

Replays of all calls will be uploaded to your program dashboard.

You can re-watch or catch up on any calls.

"Karolina helped me reframe non-drinking and feel that it is an exciting and positive change and something to be excited about! I'm a lot more positive, capable, patient and vibrant. I have continued to not drink and I am feeling great. I'm so excited to continue to see what is possible."

— Amelia

This is what happens when you remove alcohol. You're going to:

Sleep better

Alcohol reduces your REM sleep cycles (even just one glass) and fragments your sleep, meaning even when you clock in 8 hours, you wake up exhausted. Once your body rebalances, your sleep with vastly improve.

Feel happier

Alcohol induces the body to release cortisol and other stress hormones, giving you way more anxiety. It also lowers your levels of dopamine, serotonin, and GABA, the neurotransmitters that are responsible for making you happy. Take a break and watch as your mood improves. Plus you'll feel so proud of yourself and so loved.

Gain confidence

Every day you'll be growing your self-esteem and showing yourself love by looking after the future version of you. That confidence will spill over into other areas of your life.

Look 5 years younger

Drinking breaks down collagen in the skin and increases wrinkles. It also changes blood flow to create blotchiness and dehydrated skin. A 3 week break has been proven to vastly improve how you look.

Open the door to the new

With all the time, energy, motivation, and creativity you'll get, you're bound to discover a new sense of fun, passion, or purpose. Many of my clients go on to launch businesses or write books. You never know what your next chapter will be until you go for it.

Get your energy back

Your body won't be working overtime to detox alcohol and sleep will get so much deeper. You will wake up with so much more energy and motivation to go after what you truly desire in your day!

Finally feel at peace

The mental gymnastics, worrying about your health, worrying about what you said last night... it all goes away. When you remove your desires for alcohol, you step into your fullest integrity and build your self-love and self-worth.

Save money

Drinking is expensive and adds up over time. Grocery bills. Restaurants. Bars and pubs. Wineries, etc. The average drinker spends between $3000-7000 on alcohol a year. Imagine using that towards your next vacation or a retreat.


I'm Karolina Rzadkowolska. I’m an alcohol-free empowerment expert and bestselling author who specializes in helping highly intuitive women make alcohol insignificant so they can harness their true potential.

I've been featured in 50+ articles on media platforms like Real Simple, HuffPost, Elite Daily, The Sunday Post, Katie Couric, and PopSugar, has been on multiple TV shows (ABC, NBC, Sunrise), and have appeared on 200+ podcast episodes, including Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger.

My book, Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol and Gain a Happier, More Confident You helps regular drinkers let go of limiting stories around alcohol and step into their truer purpose.

I’ve spoken to thousands of people at events, workshops, online events, and podcasts on shifting your mindset around alcohol, and when I’m not speaking, I work with high-level clients, helping them make alcohol insignificant and live a bold, empowered, confident alcohol-free lifestyle and go after much bigger dreams.

I believe transforming your relationship with alcohol is the key to an empowered, fulfilled, joyful life. It opens the floodgates to creativity, intuition, drive, and self-love. And when women remove what no longer serves them, they can and do change the world.

You are immensely powerful. And that power lies in your self-discovery away from a fermented beverage. It would be a gift to be your guide on this journey.

You could keep doing what you've always done. Or reprogram your mind and discover a happier, freer life without alcohol.

Pay in full and save:




  • 4 months of group coaching
  • Full Become Euphoric program
  • 3x group coaching and Q&A calls a month with the community
  • 8 advanced masterclasses
  • 1 hour-long private coaching call with Euphoric Coach Amy
  • 24/7 Coaching Portal and Community
  • 50 Things to Do Instead of Drinking Checklist
  • The Ultimate Guide to Alcohol-Free Drinks e-book
  • Foodie's Guide to Mocktails e-book

Or 4 monthly payments of:



  • 4 months of group coaching
  • Full Become Euphoric program
  • 3x group coaching and Q&A calls a month with the community
  • 8 advanced masterclasses
  • 1 hour-long private coaching call with Euphoric Coach Amy
  • 24/7 Coaching Portal and Community
  • 50 Things to Do Instead of Drinking Checklist
  • The Ultimate Guide to Alcohol-Free Drinks e-book
  • Foodie's Guide to Mocktails e-book

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A love letter to YOU ❤️

Hi beautiful,
You’re meant to live a big life with big dreams.

--and I don’t believe you’re going to let alcohol stop you for one second.

You can and WILL change your relationship with alcohol alongside the other high-vibe women in Become Euphoric.

We're starting a revolution of powerful, alcohol-free woman, and you belong at the frontlines with us. Become Euphoric is just the beginning.

But I get it.

It’s possible to make the case for doing nothing and continue to do what's easy (drinking).

Only you're not here for what's easy. You’re here for more. You’re here to kick ass and take names and serve the world in a way that’s entirely unique to you.

That big future is meant for you. It’s your destiny, and it's yours for the taking as long as you don’t let a little thing like alcohol stop you.

Become Euphoric will help you completely remove your desire for alcohol and step into the identity, purpose, and life you’re meant to live.

This is your loving nudge to put things into perspective.

Joy, abundance, fulfillment, and limitless possibilities are available to you when you see the little things for what they are and make radical self-love your #1 priority.

All that’s to say,
you have plenty of time, you’re worth the investment, and you can do this. You’re wildly capable.

Time and money become little things when we look at the bigger picture but I’m still going to talk candidly about them. It’s always my goal is to hold space for you and any questions you may have. Let's unpack limiting beliefs about time and money so you can make the most empowered decision.

If you’re worried you don’t have enough time, I get it. Time is a precious commodity, which is why I designed the program to fit your busy lifestyle. You can complete the program in a few minutes per day (e.g., you can do it on your lunch break or after the kids go to bed).

All you need is five to 10 minutes to watch a video and reflect on a quick journal prompt.

In 5 minutes a day, you can change the rest of your life.

An alcohol-free lifestyle pays for itself. Going alcohol-free = having more money in the bank.

Drinking alcohol adds up fast. Without the added weekly cost, you’re going to save a lot of money over the next few months and years.

And my clients learn to grow and advocate for themselves, increasing their wealth even more.

Abundance is not a pie with a few especially fortunate people who get a piece. I truly believe abundance is available to every single one of us, and I can’t wait to get into the specifics in the program.

You have so much untapped potential. If a financially abundant future is your dream, it’s meant for you and we'll talk about actionable steps to make it happen.

You're wildly capable. You can do anything.
With the right support
with strong, loving guidance and a growth mindsetyou can do anything. In the program, I pair you up with an accountability buddy. They’re here to support you. The community is here to support you. I’m here to support you.

Powerful alcohol-free women can and do change the world.

I want you to live a life you’re proud of and a life with zero regrets.

Your intuition knows alcohol is no longer serving you.

Trust your intuition and honor the extraordinary future you’re going to create when alcohol is out of the picture.

Your dreams are worth it. You’re worth it. Love the inspired woman inside of you who got you here AND the powerful and confident woman you’re about to become.

I’m wildly rooting for you.  


"Having Karolina work with me along with her programs made all the difference! I would urge anyone who is struggling to make this change on their own, it is well worth the investment. Karolina is caring, knowledgeable and inspires me to listen to my intuition and work on my best life. As a woman in my late 50's, the rest of my life is definitely on my mind!"

— Tracy

We're waiting for you ❤️



The average drinker spends around $400 on alcohol every month. Year after year, that equals tens of thousands of dollars all going to the alcohol industry.

My clients end up SAVING a lot of money and often recouping what they spent on the program in just 2-3 months.

And that's not all. Clients get promotions, raises, job offers they didn’t expect, or start and grow new businesses
all thanks to the program. Women generate thousands when they release their emotional dependence on alcohol and step into their true purpose.

Change your relationship with alcohol and you will attract more financial abundance into your life.


Become Euphoric is about changing your internal relationship with alcohol, not about reaching an external milestone.

There is no shame, guilt, or blame included in this program. It’s about your PROGRESS and growth. Drinking again is just a learning opportunity. When you see it that way, you start to get curious about it instead of feeling shameful. We go over how to get back up again, how to build momentum to commit to your best ability, and we tackle mindset blocks every single week.

You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be willing to try something new.


I was stuck in this loop for a long time. There never seemed to be a good time to take a break from alcohol. There was always something on the horizon.

Life will always get in the way. The secret to change is practicing your new skills in the real world. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t start sooner.


I'm so happy you've taken the first steps towards a life of clarity and listening to your own inner guide.
We've had decades of alcohol-centric conditioning and I want to give you all the tools you need so that desires for alcohol don't pop back into your life like a phantom limb.

Become Euphoric is meant for you if you have 0 - 6 months alcohol-free.

Become Euphoric gives you the tools you need to fundamentally change the beliefs and thoughts that don't serve you and where you want to go in life. Then you find the real you and discover more joy, freedom and what makes your soul sing. It includes guides on how to tap into your creativity, ambition, and calling.

Let’s kill all that romanticism for alcohol and any remaining desires to drink ONCE AND FOR ALL. You are so much bigger than a beverage.




When the time is right, most people can take a few weeks off alcohol. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know what I’m talking about. But it’s usually a game of willpower and feeling uber deprived and isolated. It's not sustainable!

All of our subconscious minds were programmed with the desire to drink, and it takes a subconscious process to rewire that programming. But don't worry, it's not that complicated.

What’s taken people YEARS to do took me a matter of WEEKS through the Become Euphoric 8-part framework. Lose your subconscious cravings and desires for alcohol and get high on chasing your big goals instead. When you join Become Euphoric, you'll get the exact strategy + accountability + support + expert system to make lasting change. So, do you want to do this super slowly by yourself or propel yourself into the next amazing phase of your life and actually start achieving your biggest dreams?


Have you ever heard of the term gray-area drinker? You don’t have to be falling down every night for alcohol to be a major incongruency in your life, preventing you from experiencing the full embodiment of health, happiness, and drive you dream of. That’s what’s amazing about the new alcohol-free movement. It’s meant for ALL drinkers. I haven’t met one person whose life wasn’t radically changed when they took a break from alcohol and I can promise it will make big results for you too, no matter how much you drink. It’s not embarrassing to change bad habits, engage in personal growth, and unleash the best version of you.


The program lasts for 4 months from the moment you join!


All the lives calls will be uploaded into your course dashboard so you can watch the replay.


No. Our community will be housed in Slack, where you can share daily wins or go over any challenges. There is a very active private Euphoric FB group at your disposal if you'd like to engage there too.


No, men are welcome too. Because of my own experiences and perspective, I do attract mostly women, but love working with growth-oriented guys as well.


Because Become Euphoric Group is a live coaching program with immersive material, in general we do not accept refunds. We want you to commit 100% and experience a total transformation. However, if you find the program is not for you, you can contact Team Euphoric within 7 days of purchase to get a full refund. However, you must prove you've engaged with the course by emailing your first week's homework. Read the full refund policy here.


Our group calls will allow you to go over any challenges or ask any questions. If you'd like to upgrade to work with Karolina or Coach Amy privately, you can always do so (based on availability and us being a good fit).