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4x Alcohol-Free Life Coaching Accredited Certification Program

Starting late March, 2024






CDP Accredited 4x Certification


You’ve changed your life.

Now it’s time to become a life-changing coach yourself and get paid to fulfill your greater purpose

Welcome to The Empowered AF Coach Certification Program

Euphoric AF is proud to announce The Empowered AF Coach Certification, a one-of-kind program to master the modalities you’ll need to make a huge difference in your client’s lives and make a career out of doing what you love.

The Empowered AF Coach enables you to help your clients make alcohol insignificant in their lives. But it doesn’t stop there.

It gives you the training you need to understand the mind, coach others out of their deepest limiting beliefs and blocks, and help your clients discover their deeper purpose and act on it, so they can live the lives of their dreams and so you can be a sought after coach and teacher and live out your dreams too.

Have you experienced...

  • A shift in your relationship with alcohol and freedom to live life differently

  • A new sense of possibility

  • A deep desire to connect with your deeper purpose and make a difference in others’ lives

  • A dream to live life with more freedom, travel, abundance, and financial autonomy over your destiny?

Then you, my dear, are ready to become a life-changing coach.

IMAGINE a future where you are...

Profoundly changing people’s lives

You get messages from your clients thanking you and so grateful

Able to leave your day job and have financial independence

Get paid to do what you love

Working from a laptop all over the world or your dream home office

Get the freedom to live a life according to your values

Expressing yourself creatively daily

Sharing what you're learning with your audience and adding value to the world

A highly-sought-after transformational leader

Get booked on podcasts, speak on stages, and write a book

I know this sounds like a pipe dream,

but it's not.

The coaching industry is exploding.

More and more people are waking up to the status quo and realizing they want more from life. They are looking for a mentor to help guide them and wake them up to their own wisdom.

While coaching used to be something exclusive for top business leaders and athletes, it is now becoming mainstream to have a coach to help you uplevel your life.

Alcohol-free life coaching in particular is growing as The World Health Organization (WHO) declared there is no safe limit to alcohol.

Millions of regular drinkers are realizing that alcohol is no longer serving them and might be holding them back from their deeper dreams.

Top online entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuck recently said, “The biggest trend in 2023 is alcohol-free!”

You don’t have to be physically dependent on alcohol to want to change, and more and more gray area (or regular) drinkers want to remove it from their lives.

Imagine how many people will look to YOU to help them not only make alcohol insignificant, but also to help them achieve their greater dreams.

And that’s exactly what the Empowered AF Coach Certification will help you do.

Not only will you help people change their relationships with alcohol (if you want—you can help them with any other pain point too and will be given the tools to do so), but you’ll essentially help people discover what their missing link to fulfillment and happiness is, as they grow into their purpose with your guidance.

An Empowered AF Coach is trained in proven practices to be able to masterfully reprogram their clients’ subconscious minds, clear them of limiting beliefs and blocks, and find and express their deeper purpose.

The Empowered AF Coach Certification combines proven practices like Neuro-linguistic Programming, Thought Work, and Neuroscience to make you an empowered coach with a wide range of tools to use with many different clients.

Whether you're a seasoned coach or getting started, you'll learn how to change the mind and offer powerful solutions to your clients.

The program is perfect for you if

You've changed your relationship with alcohol

You know that helping others is part of your destiny

You want to live a freedom-based lifestyle expressing your gifts

When you join The Empowered AF Coach, You’ll Receive 4 Certifications:

Mindset Coach

Become a certified Mindset Coach by mastering the origin of limiting beliefs, subconscious vs conscious understanding, positive psychology, how to remove mindset blocks, and solutions-focused methodologies to healing unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Become known as an empowered, results-creating coach, and feel the fulfillment of making lasting changes in your clients’ lives, while getting paid your worth to do work that gives you meaning and purpose.

Alcohol-Free Life Coach

Become a certified Alcohol-Free Life Coach by mastering the signature process to make alcohol insignificant with a proven framework based on neuroscience, thought work, and Euphoric positive methodology.

Help drinkers lose their desire for alcohol so they can pursue their dream lives.

Success Coach

Become a certified Success Coach by mastering the principles of the human potential movement, manifestation, empowerment, and how to guide others to their purpose and fullest potential.

Learn powerful techniques to coach your clients to achieve their biggest dreams, especially as they make room for them now that alcohol is out of the way.

NLP Practitioner

Become a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner—a methodology proven to support clients with in-depth transformation through their subconscious programming with their purpose, identity, and behaviors.

By understanding how the mind works, and what drives our identity and behaviors, coaches will use techniques derived from NLP, TIME Techniques, EFT, and somatic techniques to change their clients’ lives. The entire program is trauma-sensitive and a certified coach trainer provider.

Upon graduation, you'll have the option to use any of the above coaching titles that fit your career goals, whether you want to help people ditch alcohol or any other scenario.

You will be certified within 4-5 months after learning the core material and feel confident to coach clients and make money!

But the program doesn’t end there.

Too many coaches don’t have the know-how or confidence to grow their business and double their impact.

The Empowered AF Coaching Certification also includes a weekend retreat and 4 months of business training, coaching, and masterminding to scale to six figures.

BONUS - Empowered Weekend Retreat

Once certified, we’ll celebrate together with a weekend retreat in a cute destination in the US and your tuition will cover the lodging and training!

Think of this as time to anchor in all your hard work, network with other incredible coaches, and learn the next steps to building a successful coaching business.

If you can't make it to the retreat, you'll have an option to join the training online.

Empowered Business Mastermind

Then we’ll go deep into the energetics of running and marketing a successful coaching business with 4 months of business training and masterminding. This is where you’ll learn the skills to grow your business, attract clients, and scale to six figures.

"This experience has been incredible. I believe now that I am capable of being an entrepreneur. I signed a new 1:1 client right after the retreat. Along with several other discovery calls. I am really enjoying it. It’s very organized and informative. The retreat is a must. I like how I can go back and watch the videos and brush up on a concept."

- Megan

"Karolina was amazing at creating strategic next steps. I feel so empowered from working with Karolina. She helped me create new content and strategies but she also gave me confidence to raise my prices and amplify my voice! She encouraged me to believe in myself and supported me through my first launch! With our work together, I raised my 1:1 prices by 40%, successfully launched, with the strategies shared from Karolina, and have 6 women enrolled in my program, and outsourced part of my social media and hired my first part-time VA!"

- Teri

"Because she is well versed in business and marketing, as a client I benefited from her knowledge and built my email list, shared my freebie, hosted my first paid workshop and course, and developed my podcast and blog. Lastly, and so important for me, on a spiritual level, she is a soul sister whose light is shining bright."

- Rebecca

"I am sooo excited thank you! I am really looking forward to using all of the tools you have taught us. You have been such an integral part of all of these amazing things happening and I am so grateful to have you as a mentor.  Congratulations on the accreditations, amazing! I look forward to having you read my NYT Bestseller and seeing me on stage"

- Tracey


Trainings and Workshops on

















"I have reached my goal of having 5 clients per week within my first three months of coaching! Karolina also helped me feel confident in leaving my day job early, to concentrate and focus on my coaching business which I am so thankful for. I love bouncing ideas off Karolina and would recommend her to anyone looking to start or grow a business, especially in the coaching realm. With Karolina's guidance, I also signed with a book agent and got a book deal!"

- Christy

"Karolina gave me the confidence to raise my rates and show up online without worrying about what people would think. Working with her as my coach was exactly what I needed as I was building a new identity and business on the heels of what I had learned about alcohol. Karolina is gentle, present, earnest, and was always helping me to hold my higher vision."

- Hannah

Program structure

Your program will consist of core curriculum, live classes and workshops, and live coaching practicums. Expect to work on the program 3-4 hours a week.

Training module videos will be released on a weekly basis.

Live classes to discuss the material, workshops, and coaching practicums will be scheduled on Thursdays and Fridays (one per week). Each live class will be recorded and the replay available to watch afterward should you have a scheduling conflict. You will also have access to the Empowered AF Coach-In-Training Slack workspace, which will be our community during the certification program.

After the 4-month Certification program, you will submit your certification exam and materials.

Then we'll celebrate together for a weekend retreat!

The program now switches gears into building a successful business you love, with 4 more months of curriculum, live classes, coaching, and masterminding.

It's completely possible to do what you love, get paid for it, grow a successful business, and make a meaningful difference in the world. Let me show you how.


Hi, I'm Karolina

Hi I'm Karolina Rzadkowolska and I’m an alcohol-free empowerment expert and bestselling author who specializes in helping alcohol-free women discover their greater purpose and achieve their biggest dreams.

My bestselling book, Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol and Gain a Happier, More Confident You helps regular drinkers let go of limiting stories around alcohol and step into their truer purpose.

I’ve spent the last four years pioneering work in alcohol-free empowerment. I’ve been featured in 40+ articles on media platforms like Real Simple, the Huffington Post, Elite Daily, The Sunday Post, Katie Couric, and PopSugar, and have been on multiple TV shows.

Okay, now that the formal stuff is out of the way, let me be real with you. Since I ditched alcohol almost 5 years ago, I've been on a wild ride to achieve some of my biggest dreams. I've faced massive doubts, self-limiting beliefs, fear, and resistance to move forward with my dreams.

Ditching alcohol was one huge leap into my personal development.

Going after the dreams on my heart was the next and a whole new world.

I realized that part of why I was drinking in the past was the missing piece: fulfillment.

Fulfillment in a job I loved, that helped me make an impact in the world, have personal, time, and location freedom, and do what I love most!

That's where coaching has come in, and I've since been certified with 7 different certifications (Life and Transformational Coach, Senior This Naked Mind Coach, NLP Practitioner, Success Coach, Hypnotherapist, TIME Techniques Practitioner, EFT Practitioner) in addition to Certified Coach Trainer to help YOU learn and implement this too.

I've achieved my biggest dreams since I've gone alcohol-free, like publishing a book, hosting retreats around the world, and scaling to multiple six figures, and I'm here to show you how to do the same by building a career you love and becoming a confident coach.


Have a burning question? Check below, or better yet, submit an application to get on a call and ask!


Do I have to be an experienced coach to join?

No. The certification will give you the tools and methodology to effectively elicit your clients' own wisdom to make a transformation in their lives. You will be guided on how to hold space and powerful sessions, as well as plenty of practice as practice builds confidence. New coaches and experienced coaches are welcome!

When will the program begin?

We have our certification kickoff call penciled in for May 4. Because there is pre-work involved before the certification begins, the earlier you join, the better!

I’m already a certified coach. Is this certification right for me?

Continuous learning is a huge value of mine, and I have seven different certifications under my belt, which makes me feel like a confident and adept coach.

The modalities taught in the program are meant to expand your coaching skills and deepen your impact. We focus on helping clients both change their relationship with alcohol and help them find their deeper source of fulfillment and purpose through the four modalities. If this certification is calling you to deepen your skills, we’d love to have you join.

What is the business mastermind about?

Getting the tools and skills to massively help your clients is huge. But it won't go far if you also don't learn how to effectively market, grow, and scale your business and I'd like to show you how to do with grace and ease. I've spent over $200K on courses, coaches, masterminds, agencies, and consultants and I've learned a lot. Let me break it down for you in a way that is implementable and getting you paid! We'll cover: Find Your Dream Clients, Your Offer Strategy, Plan to Profit, Money Mindset, Social Media Powerhouse, Grow Your Audience, 1000 Email List, Content Strategy, Mission and Message, Leadership Development for Entrepreneurs, Selling with Soul and Pricing, Website and Platforms, Get Featured! , Systems and Team, Legal Steps, Finances, Recommend Tech, and All Things Launch. You'll also unlock a template library of contracts and more.

You'll get valuable time to ask all your questions, get support from me and Euphoric coaches, mastermind with peers, learn business frameworks that work, and upgrade your energetic vibe to scale to six figures and beyond.

Where is the Empowered Weekend Retreat?

TBD! We'll have a mystery location and might open up a few options for a group vote. We'll consider airports nearby, weather, and the vibe. The retreat will take place halfway through the 9 month program.

How much is the certification?

The Empowered AF Coaching Certification is a robust 9-month program that gives you four certifications, includes your stay at our live weekend retreat, and a 4 month Business Mastermind. The investment is multiple thousands of dollars and the exact tuition plan will be offered to participants who submit their application and are accepted. While it does take work, it is an incredibly fulfilling career path that can earn between $3000-$15,000 a month. When you compare tuition in this program to a university program, it is very inexpensive. You will be given the option to pay in full, or sign up for a 3-month payment plan or a 12 month-payment plan. If you are looking for support with financing, some resources to look into include PayPal credit, Amber Grants for Women, or even employer sponsorships.

Can I expense the certification on my taxes?

Yes, the certification is an approved business expense as long as you form your business in the same year.

Is the coaching certification accredited?

The Empowered AF Coach Certification is accredited by CPD, the world's leading and largest independent Continuing Professional Development accreditation institution operating across all industry sectors, including Oxford and Cambridge.

We have also submitted the certification for approval for 10 CCE hours with the International Coaching Federation and expect to gain accreditation through the ICF as well. Though there is no governing body for coaching, ICF is a great standard.

How do I apply?

You will follow the link to book a call and submit your application. The application will help us know your career goals and the call will help to ensure we are the right fit for you. At the interview, we’ll determine together if this program is a good fit for both of us.

What do I get if I'm accepted?

If accepted, you'll get an invitation to the Empowered AF Coach Certification Program starting March 2024. Over the course of the 9-month training, you'll receive the knowledge, science, tools, practices, techniques and mindset development to start and run your own coaching business.

In order join the program, you'll need to fill out an application and meet the acceptance criteria:

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