For newly alcohol-free women to CLAIM their legacy

and unleash your your deeper purpose

First coaching call is on June 14. Enrollment closes then.



This program was fire! It was wonderful to have supportive alcohol free ladies to meet with every week and chat with everyday. I was skeptical at first about a coaching program but the value of this program was well worth it.

Daily journal prompts, daily access to chat with other ladies about the highs and lows of life, weekly inspiring meetings from the comfort of your home, car or wherever you are and a private session with our coach, Karolina. I like that the focus isn’t necessarily on alcohol but more about empowering your life!

I’m going to miss this program! It’s been such a support. Karolina is so approachable and full of resources. Thank you, Euphoric team and Karolina!


"For one I am now alcohol-free and am definitely more comfortable with an alcohol-free lifestyle. I don’t even really have cravings which is amazing. The program was great as I got to share this experience with a group of women who also focused on self-growth.  I do think anything is possible and am taking steps to be a coach through Euphoric since I was so impressed with it. I would def recommend the program to someone who wants to become alcohol-free and develop herself at the same time."


"I truly cannot put into words what Karolina and the Become Emboldened program have done for me. I have learned SO much about myself, who I am, and what I want out of this life, and have gained the belief in myself that I can truly have all of it because I am capable and strong. In addition, and most importantly to me, I have strengthened my sobriety and know that each moment I spent in this program led me to discover more and more about my alcohol-free identity. I am taking risks. I am conquering fears. I am literally about to travel halfway across the world to see Karolina and spend a week with her because I can’t even express to you what this woman is capable of when it comes to inspiring other women and what she is capable of herself. What I have learned will stay with me forever and I plan on rewatching content to reinforce ideas and growth that I still wish to work on. I just want her programs to last forever! :) I have indeed become emboldened and watch out world, I’m coming for you! Thank you, Karolina!!!"


I have tears in my eyes thinking about the power of uncovering my deeper purpose in life. I don't know if I could have discovered it without you.

I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, two beautiful children, and the gift of teaching. However, I was "itchy" for something more, something big, something amazing. I am now working to become a motivational speaker. If I can motivate the crankiest thirteen-year-olds on the planet to love language arts, I have skills. My insane levels of curiosity have helped me solve pop-up issue after issue as a wife, mother, homeowner, athlete, teacher... I have a wealth of knowledge to help other women find more joy in their lives, too.

As I grow, I'll be sure to share because you were the blessing that God sent my way to open my eyes to the beautiful possibility of empowering other women to seek joy and love in their lives. Thank you. Thank you.

OH my goodness! Today, I received notification that my proposal to speak at an educator's conference was accepted! I have my first gig.    My topic is work and life balance for teachers. I am so thrilled. Thank you for all you've done to support my journey. I'm just beginning but I am planning to have a HUGE positive impact on as many people as I can. 


You could say, you've been working on yourself. 

You've been working hard to

change your relationship with alcohol.

The past few weeks or months have offered you so much growth and introspection as you've become empowered to take a break from drinking.

Finally, you feel:

  • More in control of your life
  • More aligned with your deeper values and finally stepping into your true self
  • Creative and open to new possibilities
  • Braver
  • More energized and alive

You know intuitively that alcohol was holding you back from who you were meant to become.

 Now that you're not actively drinking, you are transitioning into living an alcohol-free life and you want to make it solid.

And with this, new challenges begin:

You’re worried about what people will think and not sure how to share this with friends, family, and or even random acquaintances. Super awkward.

Everyone else still drinks. You don’t know how to navigate this change with your partner and closest loved ones. You feel kinda lonely with no one to talk to.

You're struggling with new emotions, those that you used to push down and numb with alcohol.

You still face moments of temptation with alcohol, especially when thinking about vacations or big drinking events.

You feel stuck being bored, or hoping everyone still likes you (people-pleasing), or a lack of boundaries, or being a perfectionist about your next steps.

You want to keep growing with new healthy and spiritual habits and routines to continue being the best version of yourself but not sure what comes next.

You have this sense that you’re meant to do something new, maybe it’s writing a book, launching a business, or becoming a coach, but you have no idea how to get there. Imposter syndrome, anyone?

You want to make sure you never feel unfulfilled again by figuring out what gives you a sense of purpose.

You want to make sense of your past relationship with alcohol and heal any unconscious limiting beliefs before they hold you back any further.

You have new goals and dreams that are higher than the sky, but the fear of not getting there is keeping you stuck.

You may face moments of temptation and alcohol sneaking back into your desires like a phantom limb.

I am deeply grateful to have received group coaching from Karolina and wholeheartedly believe it has been the best investment I’ve made in my life for my personal development. Karolina inspired me to take a break from alcohol and helped me to remain alcohol free for over a year. She has supported me through leaving my career as an engineer to find more fulfillment in my life’s work. Karolina has provided me with business advice and assistance getting through roadblocks along the way. She has taught me how to listen to my intuition and go for what I truly want in life, as opposed to what society models. She inspires and encourages me every single time we talk to live the life of my wildest dreams. Karolina has a way of making you believe in yourself and your ability to make dreams bigger than you ever imagined possible happen. She truly has been my greatest support in forging an unconventional path towards a life I want to live - doing what makes ME happy.

While receiving group coaching from Karolina, I left my unfulfilling career, took some time off from working, traveled frequently, spent more time with family, started a new career I enjoy, and began developing my interior painting business. With that said, it has been an honor and pleasure working with such an influential woman and I believe anyone would benefit greatly from receiving coaching from Karolina.


I do feel more confident in my AF lifestyle! I was already a year sober when I started, but really craved ongoing community around it. I wanted to feel empowered in my choices and learn how to push through some self limiting beliefs. I really felt the sisterhood vibes throughout the course, and finally set up a website for my yoga services before I felt "ready." So glad I did!




16 Weeks to become confident in

your alcohol-free identity and unleash your greater purpose

Maybe it looks like:


Karolina was very helpful in actually giving actionable steps to going after my dream life. I enjoyed the short 10 minute videos because it was something I could actually add to my daily routine. Journaling helped clarify what was important to me and helped me to dream of a better future.

Karolina is a living testament to a life I want to live because she was able to go after her dreams, runs her own business, travels, enjoys doing personal development, wrote a book. Thank you Karolina!


This group coaching program

is designed for you if:

  • You have around 2+ months alcohol-free or more
  • You’re not sure what to say to family and friends and still worry about what other people think of you. You want to become confident in your new identity.
  • You feel a deep yearning to start something new.
  • You want to grow closer to your loved ones, not further away as you change and they don't.
  • You have new ideas and bursts of creativity but aren’t sure what the next right steps are. 
  • You want to make sense of your past relationship with alcohol and heal any of the underlying reasons why you drank.
  • You want to put alcohol in the rear-view mirror and watch it truly get smaller and smaller (and stop the questioning of when you'll drink next).
  • You want to finally create your dream life, and go after your dream of writing a book, launching and growing a business, or making an impact.  
  • You want to keep growing with new healthy and spiritual habits and routines to continue being the best version of yourself but not sure what comes next. 
  • You want to find your soul’s purpose. You don’t want to accept any form of settling in your life any longer. 
  • You want to feel connected with the magic of the universe and have more faith and less doubt. 
  • You want to finally create your dream life, the one from your wildest visualizations. 
  • You want to accomplish your biggest goals. 

This program isn’t for you if:

  • You’re still drinking or have under two months alcohol-free.
  • You’re still using massive willpower not to drink and haven’t looked into the limiting beliefs and stories you have around alcohol.

Don’t worry, if you're not ready for this program yet, I've got you.

Let’s focus your foundational work first. Learn more taking a break and changing the thoughts and beliefs around alcohol that don’t serve you in Become Euphoric

 "I'm in the process of achieving the goals I set for myself, and it's blowing my mind to see it all come together. 

My main focus was creating a website where alcohol-free people could find each other. I didn't even know it was my goal until I worked through your course. The journal prompts and the lists and the goal settingespecially breaking them down into stepsall of those things brought me to the point where I realized I needed to create the community I wasn't finding. 

I had no website building experience. I knew I had a good idea, and I had the tools from your course.

Now, one month later, I have a website with 500+ views and the new friend finder tool just went live. We have a good group so far, but I know there are thousands more out there looking for sober support and local alcohol-free friendships. 

Those 14 weeks made a huge difference in my focus and goal-setting, and I would be happy to share that. Thanks for all you're doing. It's making a difference!”


I'm going to show you how I used the same method in the Become Emboldened program to:

  • 100% lose my desires for alcohol and claim my non-drinking identity.
  • Become a bestselling author and publish a book with HarperCollins--only my biggest dreams since I was a little girl.
  • Leave my unfulfilling day job to build my dream career working for myself.
  • Build my passion business helping other soul seekers and make an impact with my work.
  • Transform my vulnerability and flaws into my greatest gifts.
  • Make incredible growth-oriented friends all over the world.
  • Run a half-marathon and get in the best shape of my life.
  • Become friends with my heroes and travel to personal growth conferences.
  • Travel and work from anywhere around the world: Tulum, Puerto Vallarta, Spain, Hawaii, etc.
  • Share my writing, speaking, and coaching with the world knowing that I'm finally living in my zone of genius.

I used to be angry at the negative impact alcohol has had on my life, and I have also been resentful that I am "not allowed" to have it. Over the past few months, Karolina has completed shifted my mindset on how I view my relationship with alcohol.

Instead of seeing this as a curse, she has made me realize that not being able to have alcohol is actually a blessing. I now believe that any human, whether they struggle with addiction or not, will absolutely be better off without alcohol. I truly believe that in order for me to thrive in both my career and personal life, I could not have alcohol in any capacity.

The universe wants me safe, focused, and present - and that is what Karolina has instilled in me. Karolina has gone through very similar experiences, and even tells me she sees much of herself in me. That in itself makes me feel so comforted, valued, and heard. Oftentimes, I think I am the only person in the world who has gone through these experiences. Connecting with Karolina shows me that the struggles I faced in my past are only going to make me stronger and build up an extraordinary future, as she is an incredibly admirable and successful figure. Thank you, Karolina! I am sincerely grateful.


Kate enrolled in a health coaching program and can't wait to use what she's passionate about to help other women.

What's Inside the

Become Emboldened Group Coaching Program

A live coaching experience to confidently claim your non-drinking identity and go after your greater purpose


5x Video lessons each week that will allow you to confidently navigate your non-drinking identity and uncover the road map to your bigger purpose. This is your foundation. See curriculum below.


Our group coaching calls will take the foundational work and apply it towards implementing your bigger purpose. Three times a month, we'll have a group coaching session/workshop to ask questions and get coached on implementing your bigger purpose while making alcohol smaller and smaller.


You're not doing this alone or on Facebook. We'll all be together in a supportive slack community to rally and cheerlead each other as we all play bigger. This is what growth-minded friends look like.


Who doesn't have a complicated relationship with money also? Master the energetics of money, by clearing up old stories, aligning yourself with powerful and simple attraction tools, and practicing wealth today.


From someone who's wanted to be an author since I was a little girl but drowned in confusion on how to accomplish it to a published author with HarperCollins, I'll teach you everything I've learned about writing, getting a book deal, and publishing options.


You have a gift inside you. A gift that's meant to bring more love, light, and consciousness into the world. That gift can also be your means to financial independence and I'll teach you how to get the clarity, know-how, and courage you need to launch a business/movement.


Interested in the power of energy, vibration, feeling good no matter what and attracting wealth and abundance into your life? Jasmine is an incredibly skilled coach who uses NLP, the Law of Attraction, Human Design, and the power of visualization to help clients get clear on what they want and the energy to achieve it.


Chelsea is the #1 Bestselling author of “Residency Drop Out,” former OBGYN, career coach, online entrepreneur, adventure seeker and world traveler. She helps healthcare professionals recover from burnout and design their dream careers.


From lovelifesober, Christy decided to become a leader in the af movement, got certified, made money, quit her job, and became a full-time coach all within a year!! Learn about how she decided to move forward with coaching and got her business up and running so fast.


I'm here to be your biggest cheerleader and guide. You'll also get a private session with me to strategize and implement your bigger dreams and learn techniques to overcome doubt, fear, or imposter syndrome.


From the legal, to website domains, social media strategy and more, learn how to get started with your business idea!


Books changed my life, and in addition to the program content, I share with you those that really made the difference in my goal achievement and growth in my self-worth.

How does it work?

During our 16 weeks together, we will walk through my proven, step-by-step process for finding confidence in your alcohol-free identity and discovering your greater purpose.

By the end of the 4 months, you will have a clear vision of what you really want and an action plan for bringing that into fruition.

This is what we'll cover week by week in the

Become Emboldened Group Coaching Program:


other people

Learning how to navigate relationships with friends and family now that alcohol is not in the way can be challenging. What do you say? What will people think?

This week we'll work on moving through this challenge with confidence and kindness and how to become less concerned with them and more on your growth.


loved ones

Learning to connect with your loved ones and partner without alcohol involved takes intentionality. You don't want to grow apart from the people you love the most.

This week we'll work on creating authentic connections and turn challenges into opportunities for re-bonding.


your emotions

Feeling emotions again after numbing them for so long with alcohol is a raw process.

This week we will learn to honor every emotion and move through this process with love, leaning in, and learning what your emotions are trying to teach you.


feeling vibrant

Your body is healing on a massive level. Leverage this time to form new healthy habits and make sustainable lifestyle changes.

This week you’ll learn new ways to nourish your body, move your body, and sleep habits to feel more energized and vibrant!



The most successful people credit rituals and routines as their cornerstones to success, especially a morning routine. I bet your mornings have changed dramatically!!

This week, we’ll focus on new morning and evening routines to help you thrive during the day. 


the alcohol matrix

Sometimes alcohol can be like a phantom limb and sneakily reappear in your desires.

This week, we will work on deconstructing those desires and seeing them for what they really are.


root causes and healing

Whether we know it or not, each of us has formed subconscious meanings and associations with alcohol that go to the root of common human self-limiting beliefs.

This week, we'll discover the root causes that have led to your past relationship with alcohol, and how to work through them to help you move forward with your healing process.


the upper limit problem

Stepping into your purpose and power excites you but kinda freaks you out too. What if you can't do it? What if you fail?

This week we’ll discover the limiting beliefs that stop you from getting what you really want out of life.



You are worthy of your biggest goals coming true and this week you’ll allow yourself to truly visualize your greatest dreams.

You’ll picture the ideal scenario you want from your life in your career, health, relationships, lifestyle, and wealth.



Your wildest dreams are reachable with dedicated action steps and strategy. Write a book? Launch a business? Get that promotion? It's yours.

This week we’ll articulate your greatest goals and choose one to start taking action on.



Your creativity is flourishing and you have so many new ideas. When you channel your creativity and truly express yourself, you feel fulfilled.

But first, let’s also make sure we deal with your inner perfectionist and resistance that surfaces when you become a creator.


uplevel your connections

Your friendships may shift, but you are also bound to attract new people into your life that support your growth!

This week is all about surrounding yourself with the right community and friends that support, inspire, and empower you to keep going and reach even further!


the meaning of an AF lifestyle

From your parenting style to your drink choices, living alcohol-free is such an empowering lifestyle that gives hope and a new story to other people and changes societal norms.

This week, we’ll find the meaning behind it all and feel emboldened to live happily alcohol-free.



This last week, we are going to work to bring your greatest gift to life because you have everything inside you to manifest the life of your wildest dreams.

Your comfort zone will no longer be your standard--your zone of genius is where you’ll live and enhance your true sense of purpose and passion.  

Week 15 and 16 are reserved for implementing our action plans and going through our masterclasses!


First and foremost, Karolina's program & coaching fully changed my perspective on drinking and quitting. I loved her approach and have fully adopted the mindset that the goal is creating my most fulfilled life, and stopping alcohol was just the first step to unlocking that. I also identified with the mindset that you don't have to stop because 'you're an alcoholic'. You can stop because it doesn't feel great, keeps you from living up to your potential, and is just a fermented beverage in a glass at the end of the day.

I didn't miss alcohol - it felt like small part of the experience on the front end. And I had developed SO many great mindsets, habits, and wins that I felt I had a toolbox to keep tackling each new goal I decided to set for myself. I'm much more fulfilled and happier and feel like the sky is limit. 100% recommend this course to anyone looking to evolve themselves and look back on their life with pride and forward into their life with delight.


Meghan moved to France! She learned French, quit her job, and took her family for a year of adventure.

Purposeful Community Immersion

Our live calls will also cover:

  • Using your past to propel your future
  • Figuring out what your passion is
  • How to start something new
  • Tackling imposter syndrome
  • How to use manifestation to get what you desire
  • Heal your money mindset and avoid these 6 money blocks
  • Permission to leave an unfulfilling career
  • Business models and offers 101
  • How to take action on your dreams


You won't be doing this alone. We will be in a tribe of seekers who want more.

  • 3x Live Coaching Calls each month (12 total)
  • Private session with Karolina
  • Guest experts
  • Slack Community that fosters friendships
  • Community Prompts


To accommodate various time zones, group calls will be held on the following dates/times:

  • June 14 at 2 pm Pacific / 5 pm Eastern
  • June 22 at 9 am Pacific / 12 pm Eastern
  • July 5 at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern
  • July 12 at 12 pm Pacific / 3 pm Eastern
  • July 19 at 9 am Pacific / 12 pm Eastern
  • August 1 at 3 pm Pacific / 5 pm Eastern
  • August 16 at 4 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern
  • August 30 at 1 pm Pacific / 4 pm Eastern
  • September 5 at 3 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern
  • September 12 at 1 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern
  • September 20 at 3 pm Pacific / 6 pm Eastern
  • October 4 at 12 pm Pacific / 3 pm Eastern
  • Bonus Closing Call: October 11 at 3 pm Pacific / 6 pm Eastern

Note: Replays of all calls will be uploaded to your Course Dashboard.

You can re-watch or catch up on any calls you missed!

Call times may be subject to schedule changes.

Karolina’s program came into my life at the perfect time. I decided to finally quit drinking and knew i needed to grow more. This program assisted immensely in my growth. This program helped my intuition find what I was meant to do. I have written my first book it was because this course helped me! I learned a lot about how to look at goals and challenging my limiting beliefs. I feel more confident that going alcohol-free was the gateway to more growth. Thank you for this course and I can’t wait to let you know once my book is published!


"Thank you for the 16-week program. It really clarified some things for me, allowed me to question my beliefs about the future, and realize that I don’t have to have all of the answers right now."


"This is my second "big" trip AF, and I am overflowing with gratitude. It hit me the other day that I'm not feeling as if I'm missing ANY way! Rather, I am free from the cycling considerations of consumption. That is a huge milestone. I am exceedingly grateful for the way in which you helped me up-level my life these past 9+ months. I couldn't have imagined."


I really wanted to also thank you for everything you’ve done for me and all the support you’ve given me. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it.


Your coach on this journey 

My name is Karolina Rzadkowolska, and I stopped drinking alcohol four years ago. It was probably the most beautiful and life-affirming decision I have ever made to honor myself, embody self-love, and uphold the vision of how I want to show up in this world. 

But the exciting work of becoming that woman was what came after.

Through countless hours of introspection, coaching, personal growth experiences, and growing myself beyond my comfort zone, I am on a mission to create the biggest, boldest, most empowering expression of my life.

I'm no longer scared of having big dreams and realize I don't have to settle for the status quo and mediocrity in any form of my life. I'm the hero of my story and so are you.

I’m a certified alcohol-free life coach and bestselling author who specializes in helping highly intuitive women make alcohol insignificant and harness their true potential.

I’ve been featured in 40+ articles on media platforms like Real Simple, the Huffington Post, Elite Daily, The Sunday Post, Katie Couric, and PopSugar, and have been on multiple TV shows.

My book, Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol and Gain a Happier, More Confident You helps regular drinkers let go of limiting stories around alcohol and step into their truer purpose.

I’ve spoken to thousands of people at events, workshops, online events, and podcasts on shifting your mindset around alcohol, and when I’m not speaking, I work with high-level clients, helping them make alcohol insignificant and live a bold, empowered, confident alcohol-free lifestyle and go after much bigger dreams.

I’m here to walk you through not only an identity change, but one that will unleash your greatest fulfillment and happiness into the world. A journey where you dare to live bigger, dream bigger, and show the people around you what’s possible when you are truly EMBOLDENED

“Wow, just wow. This week's course content spoke to me and I'm taking a healthy dose of faith over fear. For the first time in a long time, I'm not feeling constrained by figurative walls and ceilings. I feel confident to go after my unique God-given opportunity! Thanks for inspiring my big thinking! This program has been such a beautiful culmination of my growth."


Sarah is halfway through writing her first book! She attends writers' workshops and retreats in the countryside.

"I'm a new person. No longer riddled with pain & anxiety because I've learned to accept the past and move onto the future! I escaped the job I hated & kept myself in out of fear of failure & lack of confidence for 13 years! 5 months in & I got my dream job. I'm no longer selfish, I'm fully present & I appreciate the tiniest of details. Thank you so much. When I read your lessons, you make me believe in myself. I can't tell you how thankful I am that I came across you at the beginning of my journey."


“The experiences of these last few months are amazing.... doing this work every single day, hearing you share vulnerably, learning the facts about alcohol itself has given me such affirmation about my past experiences and struggles, and the deep truth that I feel in my heart, my Center. I feel freedom and enthusiasm for what is unfolding. This journey has given me clarity on my highest purpose and I have hopeful expectation as I take baby steps. Karolina, I hope that you know the depth of my gratitude. I am beyond grateful for the experiences, the work, the focus, inspiration, and affirmation of my life’s bigger purpose.”


Today Leila is a certified alcohol-free life coach herself.

You’ve taken the time and done the deep work to rewire your old programming and transform your relationship with alcohol. 

Don't settle here.

There is a bigger version of you inside.

You deserve to meet her.

When You Enroll You'll Get Over $1991 in Bonuses

Bonus: How to Attract Wealth Masterclass ($497)

Who doesn't have a complicated relationship with money also? Master the energetics of money, by clearing up old stories, aligning yourself with powerful and simple attraction tools, and practicing wealth today.

Bonus: How to Write a Book Masterclass ($497)

From someone who's wanted to be an author since I was a little girl but drowned in confusion on how to accomplish it to a published author with HarperCollins, I'll teach you everything I've learned about writing, getting a book deal, and publishing options.

Bonus: How to Launch a Business ($497)

You have a gift inside you. A gift that's meant to bring more love, light, and consciousness into the world. That gift can also be your means to financial independence and I'll teach you how to get the clarity, know-how, and courage you need to launch a business/movement.

Bonus: Private Coaching Session with Karolina ($500)

I'm here to be your biggest cheerleader and guide. You'll also get a private session with me to strategize your and implement your deeper dreams and learn techniques to overcome doubt, fear, or imposter syndrome.

"Become Emboldened provided me with a system to continue my growth around being AF. These daily snippets of information and the reflections allowed me to carve out that time for personal growth each day.

I absolutely believe that the Become Emboldened program complemented that work beautifully, and I had so many ah-ha moments! Huge 'thank you' for creating this course and for presenting the content in such a way that it is digestible on a daily basis. I already miss it and plan to re-listen to the course!"


"I'm committed to be more aware and take better care of myself and pace myself too. Just wanted to touch base and thank you for all the amazing programs you provide and the Facebook Group which provides me so much support. I'm super committed to my growth and my dream to one day be a coach. This is all just growing pains for the new me that is breaking out of all my old unhealthy ways. It's SO worth it to go after my dreams and thankfully I've passed the point of no return, where this old trait was in charge and I'm the author now of my thoughts and actions and who I'm becoming. Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration."


Ned is becoming a coach himself!

I'm now training to be an alcohol-free life coach myself and feel awakened to my biggest dreams. I'm forever grateful."


1 Time Payment

Pay in full and save:


  • 16 week program to uplevel as a nondrinker
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls with Karolina and other experts
  • Bonus masterclass on how to attract wealth
  • Bonus masterclass on how to write a book
  • Bonus masterclass on how to launch a business
  • BONUS 1 on 1 call with Karolina
  • Private slack community of sisters to support you

8 Monthly Payments of:  


  • 16 week program to uplevel as a nondrinker
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls with Karolina and other experts
  • Bonus masterclass on how to attract wealth
  • Bonus masterclass on how to write a book
  • Bonus masterclass on how to launch a business
  • BONUS 1 on 1 call with Karolina
  • Private slack community of sisters to support you
Click here to pay $149 for 12 months on our extended payment plan

Add your VIP Weekend Experience

When you sign up for Become Emboldened, you'll have the OPTION to add a private VIP Weekend Experience with Karolina in Laguna Beach.

The VIP Weekend Experience Includes:

  • 2 nights accommodation in Laguna Beach in your private airbnb
  • 6-hour vision and goal workshop with Karolina to create your blueprint for the rest of the year
  • Lunch and Dinner on Saturday, plus snacks
  • Ocean plunge (weather permitting) and beach walk
  • One hour massage at the spa

This is an additional $2500 and is not included in the coaching package unless you add it on.

First call is June 14. Enrollment closes then.




This advanced program is perfect for you if you've done the initial work of changing your beliefs around alcohol (perhaps by reading Euphoric, This Naked Mind or doing Euphoric programs).

It's meant for women who have around 2 months alcohol-free or more and are looking to become confident about their new lifestyle in public and discover and go after their greater purpose.

If you are still drinking or have gone just a week or two without alcohol, this program isn't for you. However, you can enroll in Become Euphoric to take a break and make alcohol insignificant.


Each week, you'll unlock a new module on Becoming Emboldened in your alcohol-free identity and purpose.

We cover: dealing with other people, getting closer to our loved ones, processing emotions, creating a healthy and holistic lifestyle, developing a growth ritual, deconstructing any remaining desires for alcohol, understanding our root causes for using it and healing, the upper limit problem, visualizing your biggest goals, making unrealistic goals doable, how to harness your creativity, upleveling your connections, crafting a solid AF philosophy, and committing to your new purpose.

Our coaching calls will take it even deeper and help you uncover what you want most, how to and heal limiting stories, uplevel your self-worth, change your money mindset, start your new passion, business models 101, get in tune with your intuition, and learn how to achieve your greatest goals.


No. But you've decided to re-evaluate the role of alcohol in your life for a reason. Catalyze this incredible time to discover what you were meant to do with it. It won't disappoint you.


Become Emboldened gives you the framework to dive deep into your uncovered passions and desires.


That's incredible! This program will help you craft the mindset you need to succeed. To debunk limiting beliefs that question your worthiness and fuel self-doubt and fear. And to build a community of like minded growth-oriented women to build your network all while becoming confident in your AF identity.


World-renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell states that our potential and success is often limited by 5 things. Fear of failure, fear of trading security for the unknown, fear of what others will say or think, fear that success will alienate peers, and fear of being overextended financially. I bet a mix of those fears are coming up for you!

But let me ask you this. Is it possible that leaning into the work that calls your soul, into getting clarity on your goals, on getting confident as a non-drinker, and stepping up to the plate to play bigger . . . is it possible that all of that would actually make you more money over time? That this decision would open the door to way more abundance than you're experiencing now?

That's what has happened to my clients.

You might be struggling with a money mindset issue, and that's something we'll tackle together in the How to Attract Wealth Masterclass.

Trust yourself.

This program is run like a high-level mastermind that could easily be sold for $5000. Right now it's being offered at the lowest price point it will ever be.


4 months.


June 14 - October 14


All the lives calls will be uploaded into your course dashboard so you can watch the replay.


No. Our community will be housed in Slack, where you can share your wins, discuss challenges, and form a strong community.


No, men are welcome too. Because of my own experiences and perspective, I do attract mostly women, but love working with growth-oriented guys as well.


Because Become Emboldened Group Coaching Program is a live coaching program with immersive material, in general we do not accept refunds. However, if you find the program is not for you, you can contact Team Euphoric within 7 days of purchase to get a full refund. However, you must prove you've engaged with the course by emailing your first week's homework. Read the full refund policy here.


Our group calls will allow you to go over any challenges or ask any questions. If you'd like to upgrade to work with Karolina privately, you can always do so (based on availability and us being a good fit).